Our story

“I was born with my window practically looking out over the company. So there was no need to explain something that was already part of my daily life. I knew dad made furniture”

Maria Cristina Piovesana,
Alf Group President and CEO

A family story

In 1951, through the initiative of a group of young carpenters, the artisan cooperative ALF (Artigiana Legno Francenigo) was born. In 1957 Eugenio and Oliviero Piovesana took over ownership: this was the start of the story of a family firm linked to a passion for wood and an international vocation. The family tradition continues today with Maria Cristina and Piero, who steer the company along the same track laid by their father, Oliviero.


Over the years Alf has gathered together all the tools and equipment for working with wood, in an awe-inspiring collection, created with a sense of respect and pride for the skilful world of furniture manufacture. There are 600 planes in the collection. Alf has a attentive vision of the future, based on solid foundations in the past. To showcase this, we have set up museum-style spaces in various on-site locations, displaying a collection of antique carpentry tools. The collection tells of our local history and of the tradition of Italian craftsmanship.